Breakfast Review: Boutique Travel Cafe, Aveley


Moving to Ellenbrook has given us a long list of new eateries to try, and perhaps one of the more unusual breakfast destinations in the area is the recently openedΒ Boutique Travel Cafe in Aveley (directly next-door to Ellenbrook). This family-run cafe is situated in a small group of shops (including a rather decent IGA supermarket), but what makes this cafe unusual is that it is located inside a travel agency – or vice versa, I’m not sure which…


We arrived at about 9am on Saturday, and were surprised to find the cafe almost full with a queue of people getting takeaway coffees as well. The cafe is very nicely furnished, with tables (inside and outside), comfy chairs and couches to choose from. The service was friendly and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere while we were there.


The breakfast menu is a little more sophisticated than you might expect, and very reasonably priced too – $9 for eggs on toast is certainly nothing to complain about. There’s also a selection of savoury and sweet items (including some rather nice looking cupcakes) available at the counter.

I haven’t seen a lunch menu, but according to the websiteΒ it includes “fresh made wraps & sandwiches toasted to order, along with fresh salads, yoghurts and a naughty selection of dessert goodies”.


The coffee was Fiori, and quite good – best I’ve had in the Ellenbrook area so far. Renay really enjoyed her chai latte, and didn’t need to add sugar which is unusual.


Renay chose the breakfast bruschetta (and a hashbrown on the side), with tomato, basil & goat’s cheese on toasted multigrain with a poached egg ($14 + $3) which she enjoyed, commenting that it presented a fresh and unique breakfast-y twist on classic bruschetta.


I was in a boring, savoury breakfast mood – and am convinced that I don’t like hollandaise which is why I never order Eggs Benedict, although I suspect I’m missing out – so I ordered simple scrambled eggs on toast with bacon & hash brown ($15 total). Yes, it looks pretty average but there was nothing to complain about at the price, and the eggs and thick toast were very nice, almost TOO buttery.

If I’d have been in a sweet mood I would have tried the french toast with caramelised pears, maple syrup, marscapone and crushed pistachios ($14) which I saw on the next table and it looked stunning.


As you can see, the travel agency is located inside the cafe – it must be very hard for the staff to resist eating constantly during quiet times! Information on the travel side of the business can be found on the website and Facebook page.

The breakfast menu isn’t really to my taste – although Renay fancied just about everything on offer – but I couldn’t fault what I was served and I’d have no hesitation in going back. The cafe is open from an impressive 7am to 5pm Monday-Friday and 8am to 3pm on weekends, so if you live in Ellenbrook or Aveley and want a decent breakfast, lunch or just a coffee without travelling too far then you should visit the Boutique Travel Cafe. Recommended.

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  • Have been there on several occations. I enjoy the Latte and carrot cake. Also I have booked two cruises from them since they opened,at the new shop. I am very happy with the service.
    I was a customer of their old shop. And I will follow them to get all my traveling done.And enjoy a cuppa.

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