Breakfast Review: Bay StreetFood, Dunsborough

When holidaying in Dunsborough recently, Renay and I stayed at the Bay Village Resort and Spa, a reasonably priced and very comfortable place  that is conveniently located in the middle of town. We arrived late on Friday night, so the first thing on our weekend agenda was a decent Saturday morning breakfast.

Bay StreetFood is a small cafe / restaurant located at the front of the resort, and when we arrived just after 8:30am it was nearly full both inside and out. Whilst you’d expect its primary customer base to be residents of the resort, it seemed that there were plenty of locals there as well. There was even water available for those with dogs, which was a nice touch and a gentle reminder that we were in a country town.

Down to business. My cappuccino looked absolutely stunning, and was above average but didn’t deliver to the level I was expecting.

Renay’s latte also looked good, and she really enjoyed it.

Now as regular readers will know, I love a full breakfast. Bacon, pork sausages, eggs (poached or scrambled), hash browns, baked beans (from the tin of course), maybe a few mushrooms and enough toast to mop up the eggs and beans. Of course everyone has their favourite combination – and often less is more if the ingredients are outstanding – but to me this is the perfect start to a weekend.

Since I started writing this blog some 18 months ago I’ve noticed a decline in the number of simple, full breakfast options available around Perth. Whilst almost every breakfast venue feels the need to offer some kind of full breakfast, they almost always come “with a difference”. As I’ve talked about before, undercooked gourmet beans seem to be the most common offender. Potato cakes are replacing hash browns, and I guess I can live with that. The distinct lack (or thickness) of toast on quite a few breakfasts makes me wonder if the chef has ever actually sat down and eaten the dish as a whole. And I don’t need a handful of rocket on my breakfast, okay?

Now here’s how it’s done. Simple, quality ingredients cooked to perfection. And enough toast to go around.

Renay chose the slightly more exotic bacon, tomato and avocado on garlic toast which she described as simply devine. The remainder of the breakfast menu was fairly standard fare and all items were reasonably priced ($12-20).

There are of course many places to dine in the Dunsborough / Margaret River area, but if you’re after a simple, decent breakfast you should consider giving Bay StreetFood a go. It’s also open for lunch and weekend dinner, although when we looked in on Saturday night there wasn’t a soul to be seen so perhaps look elsewhere in the evening.

If Bay StreetFood was in Perth we’d have already gone back. Recommended.

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