Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleEstablished in 1992, Jamaica Blue is one of Australia’s most successful retail franchise companies, with over 170 stores in seven countries and around 20 in WA. I’ve been to a few of them over the years, and found that – much like The Coffee Club – quality can vary, but stick with a good one and you’re not likely to be disappointed (Baldivis and Joondalup spring to mind).

Renay and I were recently invited to visit Jamaica Blue in the new Stockland Harrisdale shopping centre, and went along for breakfast early on a Saturday morning.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleHarrisdale is a relatively new area that has sprung up alongside Canning Vale, and its recently opened shopping centre is one of the most stylish I’ve seen around Perth. The new Caversham Village Shopping Centre on the other side of the river is an absolute monstrosity by comparison.

The Jamaica Blue cafe is situated on the edge of the building to faciliate easy access, and there’s plenty of parking right by the door.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleIn keeping with the quality of its surroundings, this cafe has been very well put together. It’s a comfortable and relaxed place to dine, which is something that can be hard to achieve in a suburban shopping centre.

The staff were all very friendly, and I was impressed by the attitude of the owners and their obvious desire to provide a quality experience. Family dining is well catered for.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleIf you like a large cup of coffee in the mornings, this is the place to come.  Joining the standard “signature” coffee blend are single origin beans and the Jamaican “Blue Mountain” coffee which commands a 50% price premium.

I was pleased to see that they also serve a white hot chocolate, one of my favourite drinks that is still fairly scarce in Perth although I found it in most cafes on my recent UK trip.

There’s a good selection of smoothies and other chilled beverages if coffee isn’t your thing. I can recommend the Espresso Milkshake, although I realise that doesn’t count.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleThe breakfast menu includes plenty of options, from the usual eggs on toast plus extras (starting at $11.50) and eggs Benedict ($14.90) to some more interesting dishes such as the smoked salmon with potato cakes, caramelised onions & hollandaise ($16.90) and the vegetarian breakfast with grilled haloumi, roasted tomato, mushrooms & pesto on toast ($16.50).

Renay ordered the French toast with bacon and maple syrup, which was a generous serving at $14.50. Pricing is reasonable across the board, with the most expensive item being the “big breakfast” at $20.90.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleI ordered the “corn fritters and chorizo stack” with poached egg, salad and balsamic dressing. The egg was cooked properly, chorizo of good quality and fritters packed with corn.

This isn’t a huge meal, but at only $14.50 there should be room in the budget for breakfast dessert 🙂

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleHaving friendly and enthusiastic staff goes a long way.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleI was very impressed by the consistency and quality of the Jamaica Blue branding,which extends from the menus to the prevalent-but-not-in-your-face Jamaican sayings and other decorations dotted around the cafe.

There is even the in-house “Escape Magazine” to peruse during your visit, which is something I would expect to see from a much larger chain.

Jamaica Blue HarrisdaleThe Canning Vale / Harrisdale area doesn’t have much to choose from when it comes to breakfast and coffee, and Jamaica Blue Harrisdale is a worthy addition to the region.

It’s a comfortable place to eat with good-quality food and friendly staff, and is one of those rare cafes where I felt like staying to watch the world go by rather than leaving to get on with my day. Recommended.

Jamaica Blue Harrisdale
Shop 10, Stockland Harrisdale Retail Centre
Corner Nicholson Road and Yellowwood Avenue
Harrisdale   WA   6112
(08) 6396 4584

Opening Hours
Mon – Wed: 7:30am – 5:30pm
Thu: 7:30am – 9:00pm
Fri: 7:30am – 5:30pm
Sat – Sun: 7:30am – 5:00pm


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