A quick breakfast at The Roastery, Southern River

The Roastery

I first visited The Roastery in Southern River way back in 2011 when it opened, and have been back a few times since. I’m not local to the area anymore so am not usually around at breakfast-time, but dropped in on Wednesday for a coffee and quick bite to eat.

I first visited The Roastery in Southern River way back in 2011 when it opened, and have been back a few times since. I’m not local to the area anymore so am not usually around at breakfast-timeΒ  – and if I am, I’m usually lured by the baked eggs at Timber Cafe – but I was there early on Wednesday so dropped in for a coffee and quick bite to eat.

The RoasteryWhenever you drive past The Roastery it always seems to be busy – even at 8:30am on this Wednesday morning it was buzzing. I guess there’s not that much else in the area, but still being busy after five years shows that they’re doing something right. Being open from 7am to 4pm seven days a week might have something to do with it.

Service is at the counter, which isn’t immediately obvious, and it took me a little while to find the pile of hidden menus. There were quite a few plates and cups left around to be cleared which didn’t make a fantastic first impression, but this was soon rectified by the staff.

The RoasteryThe Roastery is the shopfront of artisan roaster Essence of Coffee, and as such you’d expect the coffee to be top class. There’s all manner of coffees on offer, but today I went for my usual boring long mac, which was perfectly decent although didn’t excite me as much as some I’ve had in Perth recently. I wasn’t dying for a second one, if you know what I mean. It was the first time I’ve seen panela in individual packets, which was neat.

There was a weird religious job interview / cult indoctrination going on to my left which might have tarnished my experience a little. Whenever I start my day praying with my head in my hands, I try not to do it in a coffee shop.

The RoasteryThe food menu has never been particularly extensive at The Roastery, and the current menu includes a selection of simple items such as an egg & bacon roll, eggs on toast, Belgian waffles, granola, banana bread etc. There was also an advertised special of smashed avocado on toast with grilled chorizo and a poached egg for $10.50, which I thought was very reasonable. There are also a selection of sweet & savoury items in the counter fridge and a separate lunch menu.

I chose the “Rustic Breakfast”, with eggs, toast, bacon, hash brown and baked beans.Β  Ah, fond memories of a simple breakfast! It seems forever since I’ve had a breakfast like this, and I’m not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed it. My poached eggs were cooked perfectly, the generous serving of bacon was of high quality, the hash brown wasn’t greasy and it was great to see the return of one of my all-time favourite foods – baked beans from a tin. I understand why people like home-made beans – and hash browns for that matter – but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with going old-school. The best thing about this breakfast was the price, at $14.50. Great value, and just as likely to make me return as a complex fried chicken & waffle dish.

I don’t think time has been particularly good to The Roastery and I feel that it would struggle if its location was different, however it obviously serves its local market well and there’s nothing wrong with that. The next time I fancy a simple cooked breakfast, it will probably be the first place I think of, and should definitely be considered if you’re in the area and fancy a coffee or something to eat.


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