Boatshed Market, Cottesloe – a food shopper’s paradise

Boatshed Markets

We recently visited Boatshed Market in Cottesloe on a Saturday morning on the way home from breakfast at May Street Larder and shopping at Claremont Quarter. On walking through the door I was taken aback by the sheer size of the market, and didn’t know where to start – the huge selection of cakes & bread to the left, the fresh produce straight ahead or the gourmet butcher to the right. Better grab a basket…

The market brings together quality items from across Perth. There’s bread from Print Hall and a counter full of cakes & pastries from patisseries such as The Little Bakery, Rochelle Adonis and Maison St Honore. You can even buy a hot pie from The Rottnest Bakery!

Next there’s the deli counter which seems to go on forever, and is full of “gourmet” convenience pre-cooked meals such as curries, pasta bakes and even an amazing looking stuffed pork roast. It’s unusual to see food of this apparent quality available in this form, and you can also buy many different combinations of washed & chopped fresh vegetables which seems a little contrary, but there’s obviously a demand for it.

As you move through the market you realise there’s just about anything you could want – a huge selection of cheeses, fresh fruit & vegetables, a beautiful selection of fresh flowers – and then there’s the meat & fish. The meat selection was impressive as the rest of the market, and one of the butchers was cooking pork & truffle sausages for customers to try – not your usual supermarket variety!

The Boatshed Market is a very impressive place, and you’ll come out with a basket full of things you weren’t planning to buy (as we did). It’s not a cheap place to shop, but then again that isn’t really the point.

If you love to eat – and who doesn’t? – the Boatshed Market is most definitely worth visiting. It’s open from 6:30am to 8:00pm every day of the year except for Christmas Day.

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