Back to The Flour Factory for lunch

The Flour Factory

The Flour FactoryToday we went back to The Flour Factory for lunch. I had to coax my workmate Andrew back, as last time he found the mustard on his hot dog way too spicy, and I can understand that (although I thought it was spot on!).

The Flour FactoryThe newly refurbished bar area is very impressive, as is the new menu.

The Flour FactoryHeading for the “pizzas and dogs” section, Andrew chose the “Porker” pizza ($24) with bourbon bbq sauce, bacon, pulled pork shoulder & meatballs. This was a great pizza with a perfect crust and quality ingredients – you could really taste the bourbon in the sauce!

The Flour FactoryI chose the “British Bulldog” hot dog ($15) with pork, apple & sage sausage, apple slaw, sharp cheddar and cider mustard. I really enjoyed this, the creamy slaw and cheddar worked really well together. The bread had the perfect amount of “crunch”, too.

The Flour FactoryI also ordered the “spice up your slice” selection of spicy condiments ($4), which came with hot chilli sauce, jalapenos, and something I couldn’t quite identify but could eat all day long by the spoonful. It was like a chunky “dip” for want of a better word – I’m guessing chorizo based – and was beautifully spicy.

We arrived right on 12 noon and were finished by 12:30 – fantastic service, especially considering we ordered a pizza! Definitely one of the best lunches we’ve had in the city recently, and great value for money too.

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