America’s (the world’s?) best hot dog

I could start this post by moaning about how it’s impossible to get a decent hot dog in Australia, but even if anyone was listening no-one would do anything about it so I won’t bother. Anyway, just to make me insanely jealous & hungry (not necessarily in that order), the Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine teamed up with the guys from Serious Eats to choose America’s best hot dog from 64 candidates. Oh, what a onerous task.

Gene & Jude's depression-style dog

The winner? The thing of beauty pictured above (photo from Slashfood) is the “Depression-style” dog from Gene & Jude’s of Chicago, Illinois. This dog is topped with yellow American mustard, onion, sweet relish, hot “sport” peppers (small hot green peppers packed in vinegar) and french fries.

The history of this hot dog stretches back to 1946, and Ketchup is strictly not allowed. Read more about Gene & Jude’s winning dog and the other 63 not-so-tasty contenders here.

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