About Morsels – a Perth-based food, travel and lifestyle blog

Welcome to Morsels – a Perth-based food, travel and lifestyle blog.

I first had the idea to build a website focusing on Perth breakfast reviews long before blogging was a “thing”, but only got around to doing it some six years ago. I’ve used the nickname “Morse” since I was a teenager – a homage to Inspector Morse – so “Morsels” seemed the natural name, and the blog was born.

As well as my breakfast reviews, I found a surprising amount of interest in my other articles and now write about many food-related topics. I’ve also picked up the travel bug after journeying to the USA and UK in 2016. I left my full-time career as an IT Manager in early 2016 to follow my true passions, and I’m now a writer and photographer for Broadsheet. I’m particularly proud of my interview with John Cleese.

Fun fact: way back in 1990 I won the title of Australian Kodak Young Photographer of the Year with a picture of a toilet block at Hillary’s Marina! It’s taken me a while to embrace digital photography, but I now love shooting with my Fujifilm X-Pro2.

Regular readers will know that I had a gastric sleeve operation in 2014; I’m now 60-something kilos lighter and a lot healthier. At first I wasn’t sure if I would continue food blogging, but I find myself with more passion for it than ever. I just can’t eat everything I order.

Please get in touch if you enjoy reading my blog, or if you’re interested in working with me. You can drop me a line using my contact form or by email at martin@morsels.com.au .

Thanks for reading – and happy eating!


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