A spot of lunch: Catch 22 Restaurant, Mandurah

My offsider Dave and I had some things to discuss and we were in need of some fresh air, so we escaped from our office at lunch time and headed around the corner to Dolphin Quay for a quick lunch at Catch 22 Restaurant. Catch 22 is situated next door to Cafe Moka and is one of several places to eat at Dolphin Quay.

Catch 22’s menu features a variety of entrees including scallops topped with pancetta chips ($18), corn fritters with poached pears and mozzarella ($16), spiced baby calamari ($16.50) and spicy chicken drummets ($16.50). Main courses include fish & chips ($24), barbecue beef ribs ($29), pork & jumbo shrimp risotto ($28.50), duck breast with plum chocolate and port reduction ($34.50) and sirloin steak with mustard herb mash, brocollini, fire roasted capsicum, onion jam and a brown sugar & bacon emulsion ($36). Side dishes and salads are available, as is a childrens menu – as a bonus for families, Catch 22 offers a free meal for a child under 12 dining with an adult who orders an al a carte meal.

Pizzas are also available at $26 each (or two for $50), and include interesting varieties such as:

  • Fire Eater – cacciatore sausage, jalapenos, pickled onions, fire roasted red capsicum and topped with droplets of Tabasco sauce and sour cream
  • Fab Crab – tomato puree, spiced crab, red onion wedges, sweet lychee pieces, cream cheese dollops and finished off with teriyaki sauce
  • Beefection – ground beef smothered in creamy garlic sauce, smashed baby potatoes, mushrooms, caramelised onion and shredded bacon
  • Bluetiful – garlic cream sauce, broccoli florets, crumbled blue cheese, Moroccan spice, balsamic glaze and fresh crisp apple salad
  • Jai Thai – marinated chicken pieces, red onion, fresh herbs, mango chutney, smoked paprika yoghurt and a dusting of walnut dukkah

There were also three $20 lunch specials on offer today, each including a glass of wine: a cajun chicken salad, salmon in filo pastry and a frittata with bacon, sausage and vegetables. Dave and I decided to share a pizza and selected the intriguing “Cheesy Miss Piggy”, with pork belly pieces, apple puree, red onion, cherry tomatoes, dried apricot pieces, sliced camembert cheese and a drizzling of apricot glaze. The floor staff were very busy and it took a while for our order to get taken, however the food arrived quickly thereafter.

The first thing that hit about the pizza was its sweetness, although you couldn’t really expect any different given the description. The base was excellent, and the combination of flavours worked really well with quality ingredients throughout. We both felt that it could have used a bit more pork, and it certainly wasn’t a variety of pizza that you’d want too often, but it made for a very tasty and different lunch.

One thing that caught our eye on the way in was a half-price desserts offer, which we couldn’t pass up after reading the menu! Desserts include raspberry & peach crumble ($11.50), filo apple tart ($12), chocolate & coffee pots ($12) and chocolate & hazelnut brownie ($13.50). Dave chose the mixed berry & white chocolate rice pudding with coconut parfait & berry compote ($11.50), but there was no way I was going past the soft nougat & caramel banana spring rolls ($11.50).

Wow – spring rolls with Mars Bar and caramelised banana in them. And no you can’t have one, get your own. Absolutely delicious. Dave thoroughly enjoyed his rice pudding, and at half of the prices listed above this was incredible value for two fine desserts.

Including the desserts, lunch for the two of us cost only $37 and you would be hard pressed to find such value for money elsewhere. The menu at Catch 22 is intriguing; it’s nice to find a restaurant that’s confident enough in its food that it doesn’t feel the need to present the same old dishes just to please the unadventurous – the pizza menu is a good example, there’s no Hawaiian to be found here. I’ll definitely be back to Catch 22, hopefully on another day when the desserts are 50% off!

Catch 22 Restaurant
Unit 1, 4 Zephyr Mews
Mandurah   WA   6210
Tel: (08) 9582 7611

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