A quick lunch at The Local Shack, Perth CBD

Local Shack

My workmate Andrew and I have tried most of the lunch destinations around our work area over the last few months (near Perth Arena), including some decent burgers at East Village, Ribs & Burgers and Old Faithful. I had a decent breakfast at The Local Shack a few months ago, so we decided to try lunch at their Perth restaurant, which is conveniently close to our office.

Local Shack

We had both had a particularly rough morning at work, and were tempted to order one of the “adult” milkshakes – the “Flick the Bean” ($15) has Vanilla ice cream, espresso vodka and dark rum. Unfortunately I had an afternoon meeting which I didn’t want to attend “under the influence” so we ordered boring old normal shakes – me caramel, Andrew strawberry. They were both quite decent, with plenty of flavour and fresh cream on top. My only real complaint was that they could have been colder.

Local Shack

There’s a decent range of burgers on the menu to cater to just about any taste. Andrew chose the “Bring It On” ($16) with cheese, bacon, egg, salad, bbq sauce and italian herb & olive aioli.

Local Shack

Of course I went looking for the burger with chilli on it, and there were two to choose from – the Firefight ($15) with cheese, salad, roasted pepper & chilli sauce, jalapenos and italian herb & olive aioli or the Mexicana ($15.50) with sweet chilli aioli, bacon, avocado, salad, roasted pepper & chilli sauce. Both burgers had the option of “hot” or “extra hot” for an additional $1, so I chose the Firefight extra hot. Unfortunately, this was a disappointment in that it wasn’t very spicy at all. The “extra hot” appeared to be some chilli sauce on the bun, which soaked in and didn’t do much. Shame.

Both of our burgers were average at best, although the thing that really annoyed us was that the EFTPOS machine wasn’t working, and the waitress was aware of this when we ordered but didn’t say anything. The nearest ATM is across Hay Street on the other side of Shafto Lane, so it’s lucky we had enough cash between us to pay. Poor show.

A couple of years ago these would have been high-up in the Perth burger stakes, but times have changed and there are much better options close by.

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