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Small Print

My work colleague Linda was moving to a new job so we decided to go out for lunch on her last day to Small Print Bakery & Roastery in Brookfield Place. Although I’ve been exploring many of the food options near our work (mostly Shafto Lane / Cloisters), it’s usually a case of grabbing something to take back to the office so this was a good opportunity to enjoy lunch out.

Small Print

It was our first time there, and it was immediately evident as soon as we walked  in that it was a top class establishment – the baked goods look amazing even from a distance. At 1pm on a Friday we were able to get a table, which was surprising – especially given the meal we were about to have.

Ordering is done at the counter, which is no problem although we had to split up to prevent losing our table. The worst thing about ordering at the counter is the endless amount of delicious looking things you have to look at while you wait – there was a blueberry tart in particular that was almost irresistible.

Small Print

I ordered a flat white and it was excellent – not too hot, and super smooth – the kind where you finish the cup and immediately consider having another one.

Small Print

Linda and I had the wagyu brisket burger on brioche with onion rings, which seemed expensive at $25 but wow – it was impressively big when it arrived, and was quite possibly the tastiest burger I have ever eaten.

Small PrintThe generous mound of brisket was so moist & delicious, and was covered in thinly sliced red onions, pickles and loads of sliced red chilli – then covered in melted cheese. This was truly amazing, and I’ll be having it again soon (after I try their gnochhi and fried chicken with hot sauce…and I hear that their sausage rolls are awesome…) Worth the $25? Definitely.

Small Print

My workmate Andrew had a brioche breakfast BLT (with egg) which was one of the things hiding in the counter fridge – it looked about 6 inches high before being placed in the toaster and certainly didn’t disappoint.

What a fantastic lunch – I can’t imagine how anyone who works close to Small Print keeps control of their waistline, or their bank balance. If you’re anywhere near the CBD, Small Print is somewhere you simply have to try.

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