A quick lunch at Merrywell Restaurant & Bar, Melbourne

Merrywell Melbourne

Many readers will be familiar with the Merrywell at Crown Perth, however the one in Melbourne’s Crown Towers is a little different. Split into two levels, the bottom level is a burger bar with a fairly limited menu, whereas the top level serves more “main” size meals such as pasta, steak, ribs & seafood – you can see the full menus here.

Renay and I stayed at Crown Towers on our recent honeymoon in Melbourne, and couldn’t go past a quick burger for our first lunch…


We entered the burger bar at the same time as around 100 conference delegates were ordering their lunches, and were lucky enough to grab a couple of comfy chairs under the stairs while they were queueing. We had walked past the previous evening and noticed that the bar can get very busy.

The bar and restaurant are open seven days a week until well after all of Perth has gone to bed.


The burger bar menu – simple but plenty to choose from.


I was pleased to see an interesting assortment of milkshakes (all $7.50), including “The Fluffernutter”, which I gather is a peanut butter and marshmallow combo. I chose the mint chocolate, which had some kind of chocolate bar crushed up in it (I’m guessing an Aero or the Cadbury equivalent) – hence the massive nostril-sized straw. The cream didn’t hurt, either.

Vodka can be added to all shakes for $5, although I resisted the temptation…well, it was lunchtime!


We were expecting our food to take a long time but it came out very quickly, starting with onion rings ($6) and “loaded” fries with bacon, cheese sauce & sour cream ($10). I’ve never been a huge lover of fries, but I think it’s because they don’t come “loaded” enough in Perth as these ones were absolutely delicious.

Renay said that they were “too cheesy”, a comment that lead me to consider a quick marriage annulment.


Somewhat predictably, I chose the spicy “Red Eye” burger with jalapenos, harissa, cheddar, chipotle mayo, Sriracha and a big slab of red chilli ($15). The burger patty was moist, flavoursome and beautifully cooked; I really liked the multi-chilli combo, although I was surprised that it wasn’t spicier. This burger isn’t on the Merrywell Perth menu which is a shame.


Renay ordered the MW Club with buttermilk battered chicken, bacon, cheddar, tomato and mayonnaise on a damper roll ($14). This looked really good, and didn’t disappoint – it certainly beats a boring hotel club sandwich, and at half the price.


I’ve had some great meals at the Merrywell in Perth, and this one was just as good. We were impressed with how quickly our meals came out given the number of customers in the restaurant, and all of the food was very nice indeed.

If you’re in the area and fancy a burger then you won’t got wrong with a trip to the Merrywell – your biggest problem may be getting a seat.

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