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Perth may not be the most famous travel destination in Australia, but ask any of us locals, and we’ll tell you what an incredible, vibrant place it is. Whether you’re a party animal on your travels, a beach bum, or a lover of history and the arts, there’s something here for you. Here are just five reasons why you should visit Perth.

Kings Park

One of the things that makes Perth such a great city is its expansive, peaceful green spaces. Kings Park stretches over 400 hectares, making it the largest inner-city park in the southern hemisphere. It has an incredible location overlooking the Swan River, as well as a great view of Perth’s city skyline. Walk through the treetops on the elevated bridge for some incredible photo ops!

The Beaches

Okay, we share beaches with pretty much everywhere in Oz, but our beaches are definitely the best! Snap up a reservation at a site like accommodation Hillarys Boat Harbour, and you’ll be able to wake up to the stunning ocean views every day. If you only visit one beach in the Perth area, make sure it’s Cottesloe. This is beach-side suburb is just 15 minutes away from the centre of Perth, and also one of the best places on earth to see the sun sink into the Indian ocean.

Rottnest Island

If you love visiting new cities, but have days where you want to get away from all the noise and bustle, then Rottnest Island makes Perth an ideal destination for you. The island, which a lot of us call “Rotto”, is a truly stunning getaway with more than 60 breath-taking beaches and bays. It’s also home to a large population of Quokkas; marsupials so cute that they give Koalas a run for their money. Rottnest has been a car-free zone for some time, which has helped to preserve the natural beauty. The best way to explore the island is picking up a rented bicycle and seeing where it takes you.


Fremantle, or “Free-o” as you’ll probably hear it called, is a small town that’s bursting with character, around a 30-minute drive from the city centre. You can easily spend a whole day here wandering around the cafes, bars, seafood restaurants, and unique markets. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also be able to soak in the engrossing architecture of its history buildings, and areas of colonial history.

The Revitalisation

Perth is going through a booming period of socio-economic growth, with a range of new developments in the cultural centre emerging. In particular, there are a lot of small, independent bars and restaurants beginning to set up shop, including the unique Helvetica. Talk to some locals to find out the best spots, then spend a night on the town. Even if you’ve bar-hopped all over the world, you’re sure to have an experience you’ll remember here!

There you have just five of the reasons to visit our beautiful city. If you’re already sold, remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg!