4 Reasons Why Camping Is Perfect For Travelling


When you picture the family exploring the world, you don’t see yourself cooped up in a tent. Instead, you imagine a gorgeous hotel next to the coast with a massive pool and waiter service.

The idea of swapping your dream holiday for a piece of plastic and a couple of poles doesn’t sound like the decision of a sane person. However, not everything is as it appears on the face of it. 

Camping, while not as advanced as other forms of travelling, has several features that will make your trip one you will never forget. Continue reading to learn more.

It’s Affordable

To say camping is cheap isn’t totally accurate. Depending on how you decide to camp, you can spend a considerable sum of money, especially if you like to glamp. But what you should remember is that it’s your decision. You won’t have to deal with extortionate accommodation fees based on the time of year, season, or demand. All you need is a quality tent and a plot of land to pitch. That makes camping flexible as you can make it as affordable as expensive as you choose. It’s your preference.

Too many forms of travelling don’t give you the option, so camping is a refreshing change.

You Can Upgrade

As previously mentioned, the art of glamping is a thing, and it’s trendy. By kitting your tent out with incredible accessories – double bed, shower, toilet – your travels will have an air of luxury. Or, you can go one step further and take a caravan or RV. Camping is inclusive of motorhomes because it’s a similar experience, only less basic. And, when you’re not planning a vacation, a secure caravan storage unit will house the vehicle and keep it safe. Of course, an RV is an excellent option if you don’t like parking up and erecting your accommodation.

You can pull up and start cooking or relaxing.

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Camping Keeps You Healthy

Are you into your health and wellbeing? Do these elements of your lifestyle play a big role in your daily routine? If so, travelling can be problematic as it involves a lot of driving or doing nothing, leaving your body to take on calories without burning fat. Sure, you can start an exercise routine while you’re away, yet it’s hard to stick to your targets. Thankfully, camping includes plenty of activities, from walking and hiking to keeping the kids entertained.

Even putting up the tent, shopping for groceries, and getting water help you stay active.

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It Takes You Off The Beaten Path 

Travelling is great, but it may get samey after a while. The reason is simple – you follow the same framework. When you arrive, you check into a hotel, drop off your bags, and explore. This is a great routine, yet you need to mix things up when you’ve done it a thousand times. Camping does that automatically because you’ll be living in national parks and visiting places that most travellers never experience.

That’s pretty impressive for something as “simple” as a tent. Don’t you agree?

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