4 Healthy Breakfast Foods To Stock In Your Pantry

Sometimes, morning can be a rush hour in your home to the point that you may be left with no time to cook a healthy breakfast. Thus, it’ll be a big help if your pantry is full of easy-to-grab or easy-to-prepare foods. 

So, the next time you go and shop, consider including the following healthy breakfast foods in your list: 

1. Grains And Cereals

One of the essential stocks you should buy is microwavable whole grains, like quinoa, couscous, and rice. By choosing whole grains, you can maintain a healthy digestive system while feeling full because they contain more fibre. You can also mix frozen vegetables, canned salad, or fish with your pre-cooked brown rice or quinoa. 

Also include bean noodles, egg noodles, and wholemeal pasta in your pantry. If you have kids, you can boost the protein in their meal by adding pasta or noodles made from edamame or black beans. But make sure to check that their packages are microwavable. That way, you can easily prepare them to avoid missing your morning appointments.

You may also want to try out popping corn, which you can easily make. This food is an alternative if you want something unique for your breakfast. 

As for typical breakfast choices, grab some rolled or whole grain oats. If you’re into smoothies, make them more mouth-watering and healthier with oats. With this, you can put it in your bottle and consume them while en route to work. 

Before shopping, check coles catalogues to save on your grocery expenses. You can find many discounted products for your weekly shopping. Some prices are even half their original prices. With such, you can buy more stocks.

2. Eggs

Another breakfast staple you should have in your pantry is eggs. They don’t rot quickly and they’re easy to cook. Depending on your choices, you can buy organic or pastured eggs. You can also source from your local egg dealers. That way, you can help local businesses thrive more. 

If you want to enjoy a sumptuous egg meal, here are some of the recommended recipes: 

  • Scrambled Eggs: Make your scrambled eggs exciting by adding some cheese, herbs, or leafy greens. You can also use scrambled eggs for an egg sandwich or to pair with your toast. 
  • Egg Burrito: If you want to reduce your meat intake or you’re a vegan but you’re craving burritos, make a loaded egg burrito. As its name suggests, the egg will be the main ingredient instead of meat. Then, add leafy greens or a variety of vegetables. Now, you can enjoy a healthy burrito for breakfast. 
  • Avocado And Egg Toast: To make this recipe, simply mash an avocado and cook an egg to make your toast healthier and tastier. 
  • Frittata: A versatile breakfast dish wherein you can add some bacon and your choice of veggies is a frittata. You can opt for chopped mushrooms, zucchini, or cherry tomatoes for its ingredients, and then you’re good to go.

3. Unsalted Nuts/Seeds

While nuts are more of a snack, you can add them to your breakfast as well. For some who are on a strict diet, nuts in the morning may be enough for them. 

With nuts, you can add a nice texture to your meal while providing healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. This can be done by adding some nuts to your salads or morning oatmeal. You can even make add peanut butter to your morning toast.

What’s more, nuts may improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Instead of consuming carbs, replace them with nuts to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

4. Frozen Fruit

Most importantly, never run out of healthy foods with sliced and frozen fruits in your pantry. Whether you choose to buy, slice, and freeze fresh fruits or purchase already bagged and frozen ones, it’s best to have these for healthy breakfast meals. Also, by freezing them, you can prolong their lifespan.

Your choices can vary, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Strawberries and other berries to add to your yogurt, smoothies, or morning cereals
  • Peach, mango, banana for breakfasts or snacks
  • Apple to keep the doctor away


While there are more healthy breakfast foods you can stock in your pantry, the list above is highly recommended. That way, you can never get bored with the same meal every breakfast. When you’re in a hurry, have some oats or grains. Or, you can prepare some smoothies for an on-the-go meal. By having these in your pantry, your chances of missing breakfast will become slim.

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