3 Tricks to Get Your Kids Into Cooking

If you love to cook for your family, you would probably love it even more if they tried to help out once in a while. Not just helping, though, but actually taking initiative, coming up with new ideas, and showing an interest in cooking – the kind that creates great food.

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No matter how old they are, it is possible to make them enjoy cooking and not just see it as a chore although it’s even easier if they haven’t reached their teenage years yet. Here is a handful of excellent tips to get you started so that you can lean back once in a while and enjoy the taste of success.

#1 Let them bake

Every child loves to bake because they get to eat it afterwards – and it really helps in terms of getting them into the kitchen and to keep them going once they get in there. Baking is quite different from cooking, though, but they need to start somewhere in any way.

No matter how old they are, your kids can help you with the baking until they’ve reached the age where they enthusiastically get everything ready for making waffles simply because they want it.

Allow your toddler to observe you in the kitchen, help out with adding flour, and even shape those cookies if you don’t mind an odd shape here and there. The more they’re allowed to stay with you and help out, the better they’ll be when they’re old enough to knead their own dough.

#2 Let them cook fun food

If you have ever taken your children to any authentic Italian restaurants, you probably know very well that there are a few dishes that children simply love; spaghetti, meatballs, and lasagna. Anything with pasta, tomato sauce and cheese, really, and they’ll be happy to eat it all up.

Allowing them to start off with the kind of food that they actually want to eat is going to make the food taste delicious as soon as they get the hang of it. Listen to their suggestions and take it into account when it’s their turn to cook – even if they mostly suggest pancakes.

#3 Help them out in the kitchen

Every student needs a teacher and this where you’ll find room for some great parent-child bonding time. While it might work against you if you constantly hawk over them and make remarks on their stirring techniques, it’s a good idea to prepare a side dish of your own while they manage the main dish.

That way, they have you ready at hand in case they need to ask a question – and you get to keep an eye on whether or not they actually did turn off that oven.

Most people tend to become a bit more interested in cooking when they start to get better at it. Eating your own delicious food, improving your signature dish, and harvesting compliments from around the table will get them back into the kitchen so remember to praise them for every single dish they cook, no matter how good it is.  

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