3 Simple Tips To Quit Sugar From Your Life

As of 2019, approximately 415 million people all over the world deal with diabetes. It means that at least 1 in 11 adults in the world have a chronic disease where a person has elevated blood glucose or blood sugar level. A report also claimed that at least 46% of diabetic patients remain undiagnosed. If the trend continues, studies claim that the number of diabetic patients worldwide will increase to 642 million by 2040. Because of this, medical experts recommend that people must cut down their sugar intake to avoid the risk of having the dreaded disease. They usually suggest that their patients must learn how to quit sugar consumption, especially if it exceeds the recommended daily dietary sugar intake. 

But before you begin your no-sugar diet, here are several things that you need to know to reduce the risk of contracting various diseases linked to high sugar consumption. 

Fact #1: Cravings Are Conquerable 

Sugar is one of the most popular weaknesses of most people. Some people cannot function without eating sweets like chocolates, cakes, pastries, or flavoured beverages. They find it hard to think about how to quit sugar if they have an intense craving for these treats. But research claims that everyone can cut down his or her needs through a proper mindset. 

According to the study, people will find it less challenging to avoid the sugary temptation by thinking that the food that they are looking for is not available. They can either bar these items at home or avoid places where they can find these items quickly. If you use this mindset, you will forget about your cravings after a short while.  

Fact #2: Strong Support System Helps

If you intend to give up sugar, you might want to ask your family and friends to help you achieve your goal. You can talk to them to declare your intention, so they will know that you plan to give up sugar ultimately. By doing this, your friends and family will avoid tempting you to forget your goals by stopping to offer you with your favourite sweet treats. 

You may also encourage them to join you in your quest so they will also have better health. After a while, both you and your loved ones will reduce the risk of having diabetes or other chronic diseases brought by elevated blood sugar levels. 

Fact #3: There Are Healthier Alternatives 

There are times when the cravings are hard to ignore. So if you suddenly have the urge to eat your preferred chocolate bar, you can trick your mind that you are having your beloved sweets by eating a piece of riped banana instead. The fruit can satisfy your sweet cravings without the need to break your no-sugar goals. 

Other healthy alternatives include dried fruits like raisins, homemade natural popsicles, and frozen fruits. You can also give in to your ice cream by making a “nice cream” using a large peeled frozen banana and a cup of your favourite frozen fruits like strawberries. 

All these information are essential for people who intend to cut down their sugar intake to reduce their risk of having diabetes. If they succeed in removing sugar in their diet, they will be able to have a healthier and disease-free lifestyle. They only need the right determination in eliminating food items that could affect their diet so they can succeed in having a no-sugar diet for a long time. 

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