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3 East Coast Eateries That Will Inspire You To Open Your Own

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When food is your life, your everything, the dream is to one day call yourself a restauranteur. That’s the dizzying thought that dances across your mind from the very moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. You want to give your passion wings, do something you love and give people something they’ll worship enough to pop on Instagram and then chew with unabashed joy. But a big part of getting here is to surround yourself with inspiration.

Thankfully, Australia is not short of an exciting eatery or two. Every which way you look there is another incredible dining experience to be had, the kind that will spur you on to call Unsecured Finance Australia, get that funding in place and start opening your very own wow-factor restaurant. But, just in case you need to get your mouth salivating, your taste buds saluting, and your heart-pounding through your apron, take a look at these incredible restaurants doing their thing on the east coast right now:

  1. Mr Wong, Sydney

The dream of all dreams is to open up a huge space, with two floors, seemingly-endless tables, and bar stool that step into infinity, and yet still find queues forming out the front, which is exactly what Mr Wong has achieved. It’s incredible. A work of art in every sense. The 1930s teahouse style setting, the open kitchen, wooden columns, stylish staff and impeccable menu (our favourite is the peppery Singapore-style mud crab. But the thing we love most about Mr Wong is the fact he’s relatively new to the scene, and yet quickly making his place the place to go.

  1. Mamak, Melbourne

Walk past this joint and you wouldn’t think twice about it. In fact, you probably wouldn’t think once about it. From the outside, this thing is about as undistinguished as a pair of camo shorts. About the only thing that gives it away is the constant snake of people waiting to enjoy the hustle and bustle inside. It’s a roti restaurant that’s done well; a place where all you want to do is rip, dip, eat and repeat. It sounds simple, but they’ve done it so well, this place has gone from a street-stall to having two permanent spaces, one in Melbourne and another in Sydney. If that doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will.

  1. Public, Brisbane

Another fascinatingly nondescript venue that’s made a huge name for itself among foodies of every level. Sat at the top of a long escalator ride, this place has managed to make a delicious cocktail out of Ikea furnishing, a Manhattan-style loft and food fresh from the butcher. It’s got all the interior design makings to be a cliche and yet, somehow, it’s not. It’s made food and added a little dude to it. It’s grabbed recipes from around the world that will take you on a culinary trip to whichever far-flung corner of our planet you fancy going to this time. That is a testament to what a great chef can do (Chef Damon Amos) because this place has become a huge hit without any pomp or attitude. It runs on courage and talent.