10 Easy Halloween Decorations and Ideas You Can Try


With trick-or-treaters dressing up for the occasion and neighbours passing by for the yearly Halloween party, you will get a strong impression that your home is still going to have some foot traffic this October! These stunning Halloween outdoor decor will help you make your house the creepiest spooky destination on the block.

Of course, the traditional carved pumpkins can still be cute and definitely a classic! —But surely you have already done that. It is the perfect time to level up this year, both in creativity and creepiness factor. Whether you’re choosing something a little more conventional, like a couple of sculpted pumpkins, or black and white cutout skeletons, you can find creative Halloween decorations and party ideas here.

Spooky Tree

Festive trees are not just restricted for Christmas. Orange is the new black for Halloween trees, so it’s definitely an excellent strategy to combine different shades. Incorporate scary Halloween decorations like ghosts and pumpkin cutouts to an artificial tree for a perfectly Halloween feel.

Adult Halloween Party Favors

Adults like getting Halloween party goodies too! Because it’s the time of social distancing, send your loved ones some personalized jack-o’-lanterns to make them feel like you’re with them. Make your goodie bags interesting, useful, fun, and beautiful by adding colouring kits, coupons, homemade candies, or stylish pens.

Ghost Jar Gift

Amaze everybody on your street with a goodie-filled ghost jar and quickly become everybody’s absolute favourite neighbour. Fill the ghost Mason jars with sweets as well as other Halloween bits and bobs as a ghostly party favour. Just paint the jar with white and draw on your favourite ghost face for that creepy Halloween look!

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Illuminate your balcony with wickedly colourful luminaries. You can do this using cheap witch hats you can order online. Just string 2-3 feet of fishing line through the pointy end of the witch hat, and then add a small LED light and you’re ready to go!

Skull Wreath

Startle each trick-or-treater with a terrifying skull wreath on your door. Just insert a steel wire through painted styrofoam skulls, make a tight circle, then bend the wire to secure it tightly. Add a lovely orange ribbon to the top, and maybe add some glitters!

Peepers Everywhere

Your driveway, front porch, planters, and anything can feel like they are looking at passersby. Cut out printed pupils and glue them on Styrofoam balls of different sizes. Use a double-sided adhesive to stick the peepers on anything.

Upcycled Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Recycle your empty wine bottles by transforming them into spooky candlesticks and painting scary faces on them. File them up for a beautiful mantelpiece display!


Pumpkin Mummies

Too busy to carve? Don’t fuss — just spray a pumpkin with black paint and then wrap it with gauze bandages. You get an instant mummy decor!

Creepy Branches

Create an inexpensive décor in your backyard! Collect wooden sticks and spray them with shiny black paint, then stick them to the top of the pumpkins.

Spider Pumpkin

Get a pair of tweezers and some glue to secure rhinestones and beads to a pumpkin in the form of a spider. Incorporate a trail to the stem for additional pizzazz.

Even though the spooky holiday is just around the corner, there’s still time to create some of our beloved Halloween decor DIYs and design your porch for the occasion!

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