Week 4 Weigh-In!

Week 4 Weigh-In!

It’s been four weeks since my gastric sleeve operation, and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 13kg in that time – a total of 17kg since I started the pre-op diet. Not bad going!

Further to my last post, I’ve had a bit of a realisation about my long-term diet, and I’m beginning to see where everyone is coming from. I can see my passion for cooking returning, not so much in the name of experimentation and new experiences, but so that I know what I’m putting in my mouth (and thus my small, sensitive stomach), and to make each mouthful count. I still don’t believe that I’m going to become obsessed over it, but I can already see ways to enjoy some of the food I crave without paying for it afterwards. I guess this isn’t rocket science, and is just what many people do to eat healthily, but I’m obviously a slow-learner in this regard. Oh well, I’m getting there slowly.


So now I have an excuse to expand my cookbook collection! I bought Matt Preston’s new “Cook Book” and Jamie Oliver’s “Comfort Food” to get the juices flowing (a very reasonable $28 each from Big W), and I was surprised to find recipes in both books that I can cook (and eat) in the future. They’re a great pair of books, especially Matt Preston’s one – all of his books have been awesome. Next on my shopping list is my favourite food-writer Nigel Slater’s latest, “Eat – the Little Book of Fast Food”.

My four-week check-up went well today, with the highlight of course being my weigh-in. The doctor said I’m doing extremely well, losing around 3kg a week – apparently they’d be happy with half a kilo. I also had a good meeting with the nutritionist, and was expecting to receive a lecture, although she went as far as saying that carbs and treats (even sausages and chocolate!) were okay in moderation.

My biggest issue at the moment is protein as I’m only getting half of what I need, which is 100g a day. Now that’s a lot when you can’t eat much – an egg, for example, is considered a high-protein food and only has 7g. If I don’t increase my intake I will start to lose what little muscle I have and maybe my hair. Hmm. My skin is also very dry which may be associated with this as it’s not a problem I usually have. The solution is to add the dreaded Beneprotein to anything and everything, although a whole scoop of that only has 7g. Ugh.

Maybe I’ll look okay with a wig…


  • Congratulations on your great initial weight loss. Trust you to be exceeding the doctor’s expectations like that!

  • Have they recommended any other protein supplements? I take a low carb, low sugar, very tasty and 26 grams of protein per serve? Happy to share various things I’ve used in the past, if your doctor would consider alternateprotein sources?

  • No, just add Beneprotein to everything, which I refuse to do. I’ve been able to eat mince & ham this week, so am managing to get my protein up to around the 70-80g mark. Too much sodium seems to be my problem now!!


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