I was beginning to wonder if they actually existed, but finally found these two. … The Mint Slice is a winner, and is as it looks on the packet – a wagon-wheel sized puck with a chocolate biscuit base, filled with soft mint ice cream and coated with a thin layer of chocolate. Excellent. … The Caramel Crowns tastes like a decent caramel milkshake with small biscuit pieces in it. Nice, but it’s not going to beat the mint. … Fans of stay tuned – it’s about to get a life of its own… …

Oh goody, new Tim Tams – this time inspired by the flavours of Gelato Messina. Here’s my first impressions: . – Salted caramel & vanilla. Tastes like many other caramel biscuit things, and not enough salt. – Black Forest. Probably the most interesting, dark choc with cherry sauce in it. – choc mint. Was excited by this, but it’s just a rectangular mint slice. A bit pointless. – coconut & lychee. I’m a big fan of white Tim Tams but this is a crime against humanity. Sickly sweet fake tasting horribleness. . Let me know what you think in the comments!!!