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A quick visit to Open Plan Coffee Co., North Perth

Open Plan Coffee Co

I paid a quick visit to the new Open Plan Coffee Co. in North Perth today. It’s on Fitzgerald Street between 7 Grams and Satchmo, where Farside Espresso / Lady Lilliana’s used to be.

Open Plan Coffee Co

Coffee is roasted in-house and breakfast is served all day.

Open Plan Coffee Co

I tried the ham & cheese toastie which was coated in rosemary butter and rather delicious. The smell of the rosemary hit me before the sandwich made it to the table.

Open Plan Coffee Co

The layout has been completely changed around from how it used to be, where the door used to open onto a bench. The whole cafe is now – unsurprisingly – open plan!

Open Plan Coffee Co

It’s early days, but Open Plan Coffee Co. is definitely worth a visit. I’ll be heading back soon for breakfast…

Open Plan Coffee Co.
408 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

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