April Fool’s Day Round-up

You  may have seen these, but for the record here’s my favourite of this year’s foodie April Fool’s Day pranks: American burger chain Carl’s Jr. announced its new six dollar vegan tofu burger via Facebook – “Stacked high with lettuce, mushrooms, soy cheese and julienne carrots, these mouth-watering tofu burgers will take you on a wild ride to Flavortown”. Mmm, looks tasty. (Eater National) Chef José Andrés announced via Twitter a new reality show on NBC called Desperate Chef’s Wives, featuring his wife and the wives of Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert and – strangely – Conan O’Brien. Starbucks announced its new “Mobile Pour Service”, using a smartphone application to have baristas on scooters deliver fresh coffee to you on the move. Recipe blog Food52 taught us how to burn toast, and had a competition to find the best warthog recipe. Chow reported that Michelin was firing its restaurant…

Long-overdue news round-up

Sorry for being a bit slack in the news department lately, folks…here’s a few items of interest and / or amusement. Barefoot Contessa star Ina Garten needs some new PR people after repeatedly refusing the requests of a 6-year old cancer patient. Now, other celebrity chefs are beating their way to the front of the queue to be the silver lining on that poor boy’s foot-shaped cloud. It was only a few months ago that her book “Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That?” was voted one of the unhealthiest cookbooks of 2010. Maybe she’s the grim reaper in disguise? ( & Eater National) An interesting day in the life of Tom Colicchio, who recently welcomed a third son. (Wall Street Journal Magazine) Fat Ho Burgers causes an uproar in Texas. Looks like someone’s had a sense-of-humour bypass. (Eater National) 10 extreme chocolate chip cookies. OMG! (Shine from Yahoo!) Cadbury Creme…

15 bizarre frozen foods

I just saw this on Slashfood and it’s the kind of intellectual food journalism that this blog was made for. Viral media site BuzzFeed has published a list of 15 bizarre frozen foods from around the world, and it’s enough to turn your stomach – check it out here. Someone pass me another chicken breast patty fritter with rib meat, please.