More Macca’s International Madness

So what’s new on Macca’s overseas menus this week? Burger Business reports that McDonald’s Germany is offering McCurrywurst, a mix of pork bratwurst chunks in spicy tomato sauce accompanied by a shaker of mild or “sharp” curry powder. Sausages and curry can go well together, but I’m not sure about this one. Also in Germany we have this curious BBQ Pork McMuffin, with “muffin, pork preparation, lettuce, cheese preparation, sliced tomatoes, smoky BBQ sauce” according to the Google translator. Why curious? This is a breakfast item! Mmm…all the preparations… Speaking of breakfast, Foodbeast reports that McDonald’s Turkey is selling a “Turkish Breakfast Menu” item with cucumber, olive, tomatoes, feta, cheese, an omelette and an English McMuffin. Hmm. This is no Massive McMuffin. Also in Turkey you can get hotcakes, which look like they come with some kind of plastic slime sticky toy and a selection of barbecue sauces.

Triple Triple Cheeseburger From Jake’s Wayback Burgers

Yes, this is a real burger from USA chain Jake’s Wayback Burgers – nine patties and nine slices of cheese totalling a massive 5,100 calories, available for a very reasonable US$12.99 (about AU$12.50). Apparently during its one month test-run a customer ate one in two minutes! The salad looks a little redundant if you ask me… (via Obvious Winner – click the link to see what the burger REALLY looks like)

Macca’s testing table service in NSW

The Illawarra Mercury has reported that McDonald’s is currently testing table service in Warilla, New South Wales. The trial has been approved by McDonald’s USA headquarters, and will run over a limited five week period. During this time, anyone ordering a Grand Angus, Big Mac or Chicken Deluxe meal on a Monday or Tuesday between 5pm and 8pm will have the option of having it delivered to their table on a china plate with cutlery. This idea came about after the franchisees served their parents in this way and other diners asked how they could order that! The Warilla store has also been testing a mobile app that allows people to order food in advance, so this is obviously a very forward-thinking restaurant. If you’ve been there – or tried the table service – let us know what you thought in the comments. (images from Illawarra Mercury and Sky News)

Pizza Hut Singapore “Ring of Fortune” Pizza

Pizza Hut Singapore is celebrating Chinese New Year with the release of its new “Ring of Fortune” pizza which is shaped like a coin (i.e. a normal pizza with a square hole in the centre). I wonder if this makes it difficult to cut… The pizza’s toppings include a golden pumpkin paste with taro, pineapple, barbecue chicken, pok chui (crispy dough), and mushrooms. The crust features no less than three cheeses inside and out, and there’s cornflakes stuck to the outside just to add to the golden-ness. (via Foodbeast)

The Atlanta Pork McRib – coming May 23?

As previously reported, rumour has it that Aussies will finally get to sample the legendary McRib during the upcoming London Olympics. This week, Burger Business published some more details of what will supposedly be our Olympics-themed Maccas menu, with each item being named for a past host city: the Atlanta Pork McRib from May 23 to June 5 (get in quick!) the Sydney Stack burger (with beetroot, lettuce, tomato and pineapple), the Barcelona Omelette and the Paris Chocolate delight from May 23 to August 14. London Fish & Fries from June 13 to June 27. Beijing Chicken from July 4 to July 18. Stay tuned for more information – and of course the definitive reviews – as these items hit our shores. I’m already in training for what will surely be a big couple of months.  Update: it’s finally here…check out my review.

Weird: the lickable Jaffa Cake elevator

Readers from the UK will be familiar with Jaffa Cakes – a sponge base with a layer of orange jelly that’s covered in chocolate – a yummy treat that’s been the subject of much debate over the years on whether it’s a biscuit or a cake. Inspired by Willy Wonka, manufacturer McVities has installed an elevator in a London office building that has 1,325 Jaffa Cakes stuck to its walls which you can lick as you go up and down. Classy. Apparently the cakes are removed once licked by someone who must have drawn the short straw in community service deployments. Now I like a Jaffa Cake but this is just horrific. Let’s hope it’s revealed as a hoax – imagine being number 1,000…? (via