McDonald’s China raises the stakes…with sausages

I’m not sure why, but I imagined that special menu items from McDonald’s China would be delicate and interesting – not so, it seems. Here we have the sausage double beef burger with, well, exactly that plus a bit of mustard and a bun to soak up the grease. Imagine if there was cheese as well. Ugh. Google Translate doesn’do much with the McDonald’s China site, which is a shame because there’s all sorts of weird things to looks at. The burgers look a little wonky & dishevelled compared to their pristine Macca’s equivalents – still nowhere near what they ACTUALLY look like I’m sure, but the difference is interesting. (via FoodBeast)

More Macca’s International Madness

So what’s new on Macca’s overseas menus this week? Burger Business reports that McDonald’s Germany is offering McCurrywurst, a mix of pork bratwurst chunks in spicy tomato sauce accompanied by a shaker of mild or “sharp” curry powder. Sausages and curry can go well together, but I’m not sure about this one. Also in Germany we have this curious BBQ Pork McMuffin, with “muffin, pork preparation, lettuce, cheese preparation, sliced tomatoes, smoky BBQ sauce” according to the Google translator. Why curious? This is a breakfast item! Mmm…all the preparations… Speaking of breakfast, Foodbeast reports that McDonald’s Turkey is selling a “Turkish Breakfast Menu” item with cucumber, olive, tomatoes, feta, cheese, an omelette and an English McMuffin. Hmm. This is no Massive McMuffin. Also in Turkey you can get hotcakes, which look like they come with some kind of plastic slime sticky toy and a selection of barbecue sauces.

Triple Triple Cheeseburger From Jake’s Wayback Burgers

Yes, this is a real burger from USA chain Jake’s Wayback Burgers – nine patties and nine slices of cheese totalling a massive 5,100 calories, available for a very reasonable US$12.99 (about AU$12.50). Apparently during its one month test-run a customer ate one in two minutes! The salad looks a little redundant if you ask me… (via Obvious Winner – click the link to see what the burger REALLY looks like)