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Sunday always has to start with a great coffee, today from Cantina 663

My usual Sunday routine is to head out early on my own for a quick breakfast, and today I headed back to Cantina 663 in Mt Lawley. Although my last visit there was a disappointment, I know that the coffee is always good and I’ve been craving some good scrambled egg… …and good egg it was. I still think that Cantina serves the best scrambled egg in town – although I need to go back to Tracks to double check – as long as you like it buttery. The bacon was also of excellent quality, and this is as good a plate of bacon and eggs as you’ll get in Perth.

Blur “The Magic Whip” ice cream – coming soon, but probably not to Australia

Blur have been my favourite band for many years, and the release of their new album “The Magic whip” was a largely unexpected treat. I can’t wait to see them in concert again in July after 18 years, but something tells me that I’ll be waiting even longer to try this celebratory ice cream being released by cleverly named UK “ice cream revolutionaries” The Licktators. Wonder if I can get this shipped from the UK? Vanilla custard with raspberry sauce sounds delicious!

Gastric sleeve update – 7 months

It’s been five months since I wrote about how my life is with a gastric sleeve, and I’m now seven months post-surgery. As was to be expected, things have been up and down – both physically and mentally – although I feel I’m far enough along to have a rough idea of how life is going to be from this point. Important things first: I’m 54kg lighter than when I first stepped into the surgeon’s office. I still have a way to go – at least another 25kg would be ideal – although my life is already different enough that I’d be happy if this was as far as I went. The weight still seems to be coming off without too much effort, up until recently it was steady at around 1kg a week but it seems to have slowed down a little. I find myself worrying that I’m eating too much – and I may well…