Morse’s Code


A new day at midnight

Those of you that have met me know that I’m a very big guy. I’ve never had a problem with who I am, but I turned 40 this year and it’s time to do something about my weight before my health suffers permanently – or worse. On Monday morning I will be going into hospital to have a gastric sleeve operation. This procedure involves the removal of around 80% of the stomach, and drastically limits the amount you can physically eat. It’s not reversible, and it’s forever. When I come out of hospital, my stomach will be about 50 ml (a few tablespoons) in size, as opposed to the two litres or so that it is now. Over time it will increase to around 250 ml (one cup), and there it will stay. For the next eight weeks I won’t be eating anything solid. Eventually, I should be able to eat just about anything, but…

General Anaesthetist

Earlier this week I had my final pre-gastric-sleeve-surgery appointment with the anaesthetist, the man who’s much more important than the surgeon because it’s his job to keep me alive on the operating table. My appointment was in Joondalup at 8:20am, and I’m the kind of person who HAS to be early for everything – I’d rather be an hour early than five minutes late – so I left in plenty of time, but then hit a ridiculous amount of traffic. I ended up with about ten minutes to spare, and after parking my car I discovered that the address I had written down was that of an empty block. Balls. I knew that it was near the intersection of two streets, so thankfully I wasn’t too far away and arrived just in time, although rather out of breath and with my pulse racing – not a good thing when you’re about to have a surprise ECG & breathing test.…

The half-way mark!

It’s Friday tomorrow! But more importantly today is day 10 0f my 20 day starvation (ok, let me-live-through-the-gastric-sleeve-operation) diet. Thankfully this week has been nowhere near as bad as last week, although my endurance at work has been somewhat reduced – or perhaps I’m just using it as an excuse to be lazy, I’m not quite sure. My diet for the first week was four Optifast meals plus two cups of non-starch vegetables a day (no potato, pumpkin or any of the fun ones). If you’re not familiar with Optifast, it is a meal replacement product that come in the form of shakes, bars, desserts and soups. They’re pretty horrible, but you get used to them (apart from the soups, which no-one likes). They pretend to have fun flavours like “chocolate” and “lemon crème dessert” to fool fat people, but the descriptions are a bit of a stretch. The first week was really tough, all headaches and screaming hunger. I went cold turkey on…

Welcome to Morse’s code

This blog exists because my other creative outlet, Morsels, is on semi-permanent hiatus as I’m currently preparing to have gastric sleeve surgery, which means I’ll never eat another 3 course meal or obscenely large breakfast ever again. You might think this is a bad move for someone with a popular food blog, and you’d be right. Oh well. I decided to start this blog as a diary of sorts, a general outlet for my random thoughts, inspirational commentary, photography and whatever else I feel like sharing – although I suspect it will be mostly me ranting about things I see on the TV, whining about how little I can eat and posting pictures of my cats. We’ll see. Names may (or may not) be changed to protect the innocent, or to protect me from the guilty. Welcome to Morse’s code. [easy-social-share]