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Breakfast Review: T5 Espresso, Joondalup

20th April 2014

T5 Espresso

I stumbled onto T5 Espresso a few weeks ago when I arrived in Joondalup early for an appointment and sought out some quick refreshment. I was quite impressed with my coffee at the time, and decided to go back on Easter Saturday to experience their all-day breakfast.

T5 Espresso

The fitout is…very red and black. The chairs are more comfortable than they look, and there are also a few couches at the back and seating outside if you fancy some fresh air (or want to watch people going to Adultshop.com directly over the road).

T5 Espresso

Here’s a handy shot of the breakfast menu, which also shows T5 Espresso’s opening hours. The lunch menu includes simple items such as toasted sandwiches, burgers, nachos & quiche, and there’s also daily vegetarian and gluten free specials. Most meals are around the $10-$13 mark. The counter fridge includes a selection of sweet treats.

T5 Espresso

I’ve had a decent coffee both times I’ve been to T5 Espresso; a Synesso coffee machine and Five Senses beans inspires confidence and says that they’re serious about their product. I ordered the sometimes fatal “mug” of cappuccino but wasn’t disappointed. The little shortbread biscuit was a nice touch.

T5 Espresso

I headed straight for the “T5 big breakfast” ($18.00), as I’ve been craving a plate of simple but quality breakfasty things – it’s getting harder to find around town. I chose poached eggs and baked beans (the other choice was mushrooms). The eggs were a bit rough, and very nearly cooked the whole way thorough. The sausage was nicer than it looked, and the bacon was okay but I’d rather have the whole rasher than just the “short cut” / eye bacon.

<Rant on> For the second week in a row I’ve ordered a potato rosti and been horribly disappointed. Last week it was just plain revolting, and this week I get the nastiest, slimiest, processed potato thing you could imagine. I had to check to see if there was a smily face on it. How they can justify calling it a rosti amazes me – even calling it a mashed potato cake would be an insult to mashed potato. The worst cooked-from-frozen-and-sat-in-a-bain-marie hash brown would have been better than this. <Rant off>

There wasn’t anything to redeem this plate – even the beans had been over-microwaved – and on the whole I was very disappointed.

T5 Espresso

Renay ordered a bacon & egg sandwich ($8.50), unfortunately she also chose to add a side of two “rosti” ($3) – another serious case of RostiRegret™. She requested barbecue sauce, but the only thing available was HP (which is fine if you like HP, but I know it’s not to everyone’s taste. Personally, I love Fruity HP). You could probably do better than this in your own kitchen right now.

T5 Espresso

T5 Espresso

Another week, another disappointment. The coffee is good at T5 Espresso, but that’s about as far as it goes.

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Morse was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, fast food, milkshakes, anything spicy and orange flavoured chocolate. His photographic weapon of choice is a Fujifilm X100S. He is a gastric sleeve survivor, and a cat & Dalek person.


  • Joanne
    Posted at 7:09 pm 24 April 2014

    The Breakfast Confidential review you refer to actually compliments the use of the eye of bacon rather than the whole rasher! Maybe you should check your information before you slam…I mean “rant” (your words not mine) about the places you so call “review”

  • morse
    Posted at 7:31 pm 24 April 2014

    I take your point – and I will remove the reference – although I was referring to the comment “some people might prefer the whole middle slice”, and she was right. Either way, I stand by my comments – my “rant” was in reference to the horrible frozen thing falsely described as a “rosti”, and wasn’t just aimed at them. You can see the menu, and you can see what’s on the plate – do you think I doctored the photo? At least when Breakfast Confidential went they got a (frozen) hash brown…