Breakfast review: Ley St Cafe, Como

Ley St Cafe

I like to try different places when I eat out, although it seems to be getting harder to find restaurants in Perth that offer something unique for breakfast; maybe I’ve just been to too many places… Anyway, my attention was recently drawn to the Ley St Cafe in Como by various mentions on Twitter of salted-caramel milkshakes and maple-glazed bacon, so there was no question that this was somewhere I had to try. We were breakfasting with friends today, which made a nice change and of course gave me more meals to photograph!

Ley St CafeInside the cafe it’s all pretty simple, with the emphasis being on function. None of the furniture matches – in a matching kind of way – and in some locations this “style” could seem a little contrived but here it doesn’t feel out of place. Breakfast is cooked next to the counter in full view of the restaurant, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. The food is produced quietly and calmly – no ranting chef here.

The Ley St Cafe is open Thursday – Monday for breakfast and lunch, as well as for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

Ley St Cafe

This is a novel way to keep track of your coffee points, as well as an interesting visual feature – it’s perfectly in keeping with the overall feel of the cafe.

The breakfast menu is quite simple but still has variety, and is very reasonably priced in comparison to much of Perth with meals around the $10-$13 mark. Interesting breakfast items include spiced mushroom salad with spinach & feta ($12.90 / $15.40 with a poached egg), cheesy scrambled eggs on toast ($10.50), and a spiced white bean & cheese toastie ($8.50).

Ley St Cafe

My cappuccino was nothing special, but perfectly drinkable…

Ley St Cafe

…but if you’re in need of a serious caffeine fix you can order a “bucket” of your favourite coffee for a very reasonable $4.50.

Maple glazed bacon

A quick glance at the menu and my choice was obvious – French toast with creamed corn & maple-glazed bacon ($12.90). This was absolutely delicious, and a combination unlike anything I’ve had before. The creamed corn had quite a kick of chilli, and went beautifully with the sweet bacon and soft French toast.

I really enjoyed the corn, although if you weren’t expecting something spicy it might be a bit much – you certainly wouldn’t want to give this to your kids, and there was no indication of this on the menu. All this for $12.90? Amazing stuff. Come to think of it, why didn’t I get a second helping?

Bacon & egg sandwich

Renay chose the bacon & fried egg sandwich with home-made barbecue sauce ($12.50). It didn’t look particularly exciting but she really enjoyed it – everything was perfectly cooked, and the excellent sauce made this a winner with her.

Eggs florentine

Lucy ordered a single Eggs Florentine (a mere $8!) with a side of mushrooms ($3), which were seasoned to perfection. The two-egg version of the Florentine is $15.90, and Eggs Benedict is also available (1 egg $7 / 2 eggs $13.90).

Maple glazed bacon Jo couldn’t go past a simple plate of fried eggs with maple-glazed bacon on toast ($12).

Salted caramel milkshakeSalted-caramel milkshake ($6) with breakfast? I sure did.  This was really nice – a huge serve, not too thick but not full of air either, and the amount of salt in the caramel was just right. A peanut butter milkshake was available too, which I would like to have tried but I couldn’t have managed a second one!

We all enjoyed our visit to Ley St Cafe. It’s a nice, casual, quirky place to sit and read the paper or catch up with friends, and – most importantly – the food is excellent and must represent some of the best value in Perth at the moment. The cafe opens from 7am on weekends which is another bonus – we arrived just before 8am on Sunday and had no problem getting a table, but it was getting pretty full by 9am.

We all agreed that we’d be back, and the Ley St Cafe is highly recommended.

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