Christmas Buffet Lunch at the Australian College of Applied Education


As I have reported twice before, the cooking & hospitality students at the Australian College of Applied Education (ACAE) host an “International Buffet” lunch at the end of each term, which doubles as a major assessment item and a promotional / public relations event for the school. It’s also nice for staff not directly involved in teaching (such as myself) to experience first-hand the hard work and skill of the students and trainers.

This time around, the theme was “Ho Ho Ho”, of course referring to Christmas and not celebrating three ladies of ill-repute. This was also the last buffet for the college’s long standing (17 years) Director of Culinary Arts, Max Tangermann, who is leaving to start a new Mexican restaurant and food-truck empire out of Joondalup. Stay tuned for more info on that as it comes to hand…


A friendly face greets guests at reception.


The college has a fully functional restaurant and bar used for teaching hospitality students and hosting special functions such as this.


The food was exceptional, definitely the best of the three buffets I’ve attended. (Side note: even better was the bites of pork belly topped with a mini toffee apple that was served at our separate staff Christmas function – take a peek at that here)


As always, there was plenty of beautifully prepared seafood on offer.


You don’t see meat presented like this at your average buffet!





There was lots of hot food too. The fried chicken and kale cooked with garlic were my favourite items of the day. Okay, and the chocolate mousse too…



Deep concentration at the bar.

DSCF0410 (1)

There’s always plenty to drink at an ACAE buffet! This rather nice “Naughty Santa” cocktail included Cointreau, Midori, Vodka, pineapple juice, lemon juice & sugarcane. Thankfully I only had to make my way to the lift to get back to work afterwards…for a nap.


Normally the desserts fit on one table…this time around there was a separate dessert room!





Christmas cakes were given as gifts to customers and business partners.

ACAE was founded in 1989 and caters for international and local students, so if you’d like to learn how to cook like this or be able to work in a fine-dining restaurant then you should check out ACAE’s website or Facebook page.

ACAE is located at 641 Wellington Street (across from Perth Arena and opposite the new Kings Square) and the school’s cafe will re-open after the Christmas break from 7am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. It’s a great place to get a reasonably priced coffee, breakfast or lunch.

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