My thoughts on Eat Drink Blog 2013 #EDB13


Those readers who know me will be aware that I had a rough few weeks leading up to EDB13, followed by a bout of flu that hit when I was already down and (of course) just in time for the conference. The point is that I’m not good when it comes to meeting new people, and it’s a miracle that I forced myself to attend, somehow convincing myself that I’d quickly find the safety of a few familiar faces from Twitter whilst actually being scared to death that I hadn’t met anyone in the room.



I’ve never been a social creature and I find myself approaching forty with few real friends, having spent too many years focussing on things that either didn’t matter or are no longer part of my life. Last weekend, however, I found myself surrounded by a group of wonderful, friendly, passionate people who I wasn’t scared to talk to, and for the first time in many years I actually felt part of something special. Expecting to find competition, I found comradeship.

I came away from EDB13 with a renewed passion, not for food but a desire to connect with others, and the inspiration to do bigger, better and different things. I’m sorry that I was nowhere near my best on Saturday, and I regret not talking to everyone in the room. Those of you I did meet, I hope to see or speak with you again soon.

Thanks to all of you, and stay tuned.






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2 Responses to “My thoughts on Eat Drink Blog 2013 #EDB13”

  1. What a great post. My greatest take-away from the weekend was to do with the social side of things, too.

  2. Great to hear the conference helped to give you more spark. Well done!

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