Breakfast Review: Pimlott & Strand, North Perth


It’s amazing how you can easily miss a good thing – I drive on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth every day to get to and from work, although I’d never given a second thought to the cafe at the front of North Perth Plaza, which turns out to be gourmet deli & cafe Pimlott & Strand. Having discovered this quite by accident, we decided to go there for breakfast on Saturday morning and were pleased to see them open at a bright 7:30am.


There are plenty of tables inside and outside, and the walls are lined with interesting gourmet produce. The cabinets are full of meats, cheeses & pasta as well as savoury lunch items, pastries and macarons.

Breakfast options include muesli, crepes (berry or chestnut) and eggs done in some interesting ways – I was quite tempted by the “Eggs Hamburg” ($15.50) with parmesan herbed beef, poached egg, free range bacon & hollandaise served on a pretzel roll. Other options include the “Salmone” ($17.50) with smoked salmon, potato cake, eggs, spinach, caper berries & creme fraiche and “Breakfast Insalata” ($16.50) with baked ciabatta bread, grilled pancetta, poached eggs, parmesan, rocket & lemon vinaigrette. Of course you could always have a pastry from the counter if none of these take your fancy – you can see the full menu here.


We both started with a cappuccino, which came in generous mug-size servings. I quite liked the coffee, it was rather milky but strong in taste which made it an very smooth experience overall.


I ordered the “Classico” ($18.50), with eggs, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, free range bacon, chorizo & toast. I was pleased to see chorizo on offer as I’ve been enjoying it for breakfast with my scrambled eggs lately, particularly from The Beaufort Street Merchant and Piccos. The serving here wasn’t huge, and although the eggs were done to perfection I found the garlic mushrooms very strong, but that’s just personal taste. It just felt that this breakfast was lacking something, and the rock-hard butter didn’t help.


Renay chose the “Crostino” ($12.50) with sauteed garlic, mushrooms, spinach, crumbled feta & toast. This was very reasonably priced and although she enjoyed it, much like with my breakfast she felt that there were better versions of this to be had around town.

I’m keen to go back to Pimlott & Strand for lunch as we often look for somewhere close to home on the weekends, and I find the selection at 33 Degrees South rather limited (although the coffee is good). There was nothing really to fault with the breakfasts, they just weren’t to our taste and need something a little extra to secure a return visit from us. Definitely worth a try if you like garlic mushrooms.

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