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Sliders in Australia: Hungry Jacks Mini’s

24th April 2012

I don’t recall ever seeing anyone selling sliders in Australia, certainly not over here in Perth. I don’t know why – maybe the average Australian finds it easier to count one big thing instead of lots of little things…? Anyway, today I spotted a sign advertising Hungry Jack’s (our version of Burger King for overseas readers) so of course had to give them a try.

The Mini’s are available in two versions, cheeseburger (burger, cheese, sauce & mustard) and Rodeo BBQ (burger, cheese, onion rings, mayo & bbq sauce) for a reasonable $4.95 in a small meal or $2.65 for a pair of burgers only.

As you can see, when they say “pair” they really mean it. This might have been more appropriately called The HJ’s Slab. The burger and bottom buns were well and truly joined together, kind of defeating the purpose. I found the whole thing – bun in particular – very chewy and uninteresting.

This lovingly assembled pair / cluster of BBQ Rodeo Mini’s were a little more interesting (and better value at the same price as the cheeseburgers), although I found the mayo / BBQ sauce combo rather unpleasant. Again, the main thing that came to mind when eating these was “chewy”.

There doesn’t seem to be any info on the Hungry Jack’s website as yet, but you can check out the TV ad here. In future, I’ll stick with a normal size Bacon Deluxe or Whopper with cheese.

Morse was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, fast food, milkshakes, anything spicy and orange flavoured chocolate. His photographic weapon of choice is a Fujifilm X100S. He is a gastric sleeve survivor, and a cat & Dalek person.


  • james
    Posted at 3:30 pm 25 April 2012

    Im from perth, what are you talking about Sizzler has been avertising them for years now.

  • Katy
    Posted at 11:56 pm 26 April 2012

    Yeah I looked on website but couldn’t find any info @ all bout the new mini burger. I particularly wanted to kno i it’s just a temporary special or going to be a permanent feature on their menu. The price of buying the burger by itself was also what I was hoping to find so thank you for the info. I think it’s slack of them not to update their menu on their website to include new items especially when it’s being advertised on tv now.

  • BirgitKoller
    Posted at 5:46 pm 28 April 2012

    Hey, i’m a bit annoyed too that the website is not yet updated. My daughter has allergies and I rely on there websites to plan my rare eating out adventures. But reading that it was rather disappointing we might just head somewhere else…

  • Ashhhh
    Posted at 7:08 pm 02 May 2012

    Seriously…what the hell is the point of these!? I don’t understand. Probably the most pointless thing I have ever seen! Why not just get a regular size burger!?

  • James
    Posted at 4:27 pm 06 June 2012

    Can I upsize for just 1 cent more? Nah, just joking, I don’t do ‘Junk Food’. Just taking the pizz outa you lot.

  • hone
    Posted at 12:52 pm 14 June 2012

    what are they cooked in?