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  • Sunday lunch at The Gaya Korean restaurant, Applecross

    I was recently invited to visit the Gaya in Applecross by its chef and owner, Leo. A Korean restaurant isn’t the kind of place I’d normally visit (and certainly don’t feel qualified to review), but why not, maybe it’s time to try something different. I went with Renay and some friends for Sunday lunch. I should […]

  • Burgers by the fire at Edgecombe Brothers, Swan Valley

    I’m lucky enough to live just a few minutes from Edgecombe Brothers in the Swan Valley – where we had a very nice lunch a few months ago – so was excited to hear of their new “takeaway” menu, being served on Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm to 9pm. As well as having the option to […]

  • myburger

    Coming soon to Macca’s – the McMate

    Followers of Macca’s Facebook page may have seen a campaign to “build our next burger” – it’s a very dull version of the rather cool “My Burger” website recently offered in the UK, where you could interactively create and name your craziest burger fantasies, with the ultimate winner hitting the menu. So what amazing, creative concept did our […]

  • UPDATE: Raine Square, the Capital of Lunch in Perth’s CBD!

    UPDATE:  Good news, everyone! July has been and gone, but Raine Square has extended its value for money lunch special promotion throughout August, too. Even better, if you’re one of the nearly 50% of Australians that expects to gain up to 2 kilograms this winter, Raine Square wants to help you beat the winter bulge and has asked CBD-based Dietician Boris Kazakov to put […]


  • @MolksTVTalk there's nothing better than seeing a reject from reality TV eating a kangaroo anus. 5 days ago
  • @MolksTVTalk much better than sleep. 5 days ago
  • Inbetweeners 2: not quite as good as it's being made out to be. But still funny. 5 days ago
  • @MissPCM that's more my wife's territory :) 6 days ago
  • @MissPCM more curiosity value on my part...but I'm sure there will be plenty watching! 6 days ago
  • @MissPCM ah okay. Well Doctor Who made her famous so she got this show... and a part in Guardians of the Galaxy. 6 days ago

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