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  • ... and here we go. @ Joondalup Private Hospital 3 days ago
  • @tweetthefashion Thank you :) 3 days ago
  • Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. Roll on tomorrow - can't wait to get it over with! 3 days ago
  • @Groovy_Glen @Murk_Loar @TwistedKristy @candice_barnes NERD ARMY TO THE RESCUE!!! 3 days ago
  • @TwistedKristy @Groovy_Glen @candice_barnes @Murk_Loar Are you using a Mac? You have firewire & thunderbolt ports there. 3 days ago
  • @candice_barnes @Groovy_Glen @TwistedKristy Sounds diffifcult, unless it's an old one where you can remove the actual disk from the case. 3 days ago

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